Our Group

The McPeak-Sirois Group for Clinical Research in Breast Cancer Research is a private and unique initiative bringing together public health organisations in Quebec. The McPeak-Sirois Group is a charitable organization supported by Susan McPeak, survivor and Charles Sirois, a renowned entrepreneur and caregiver to his wife. In just a few years, the McPeak-Sirois Group has become one of the most important breast cancer clinical research consortium in Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight breast cancer more effectively by increasing patients’ access and participation to clinical trials in the various regions of Quebec.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together the main players in breast cancer clinical research to make research that cares accessible to as many patients as possible.

Our Co-founders’ Commitment

« In August 2001, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and had a 40% chance to live my next five years. I was fortunate to be offered to participate in a clinical trial that would give me access to state-of-the-art treatment. All these years later, I am very grateful to have had access to this experimental treatment to which I attribute my survival.

My husband Charles supported me throughout this fight, and together we decided to get involved in offering the best care available to the greatest possible number of breast cancer patients in Quebec.
This is how, in October 2015, the McPeak-Sirois Group for Clinical Research in Breast Cancer was launched, a private initiative bringing together public institutions, an achievement we are particularly proud of. »

Susan McPeak

Our Co-founder

Susan McPeak is a determined and audacious woman who is recognized in Quebec with great distinction for her active involvement in the fight against breast cancer.

She sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Cancer Society since July 2020.

In 2019, Mrs. McPeak was honored for her contribution to the fight against breast cancer by the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the University of Montreal.  The same year, she was named “Personality of the Week” by La Presse +. In 2018, she received the “Prix Innovation dans la communauté” from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

She also shared her experience in the documentary film “Beauty and the Breast” and is co-author of the book “You are not alone” (“Tu n’es pas seule” in French).