Like our Group, our public and private partners contribute to the development and promotion of clinical research in Quebec. They support our activities, through funding or collaborations on innovative projects:

Our partner Breast Cancer Canada is a national charity dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research.

Since 2023, Breast Cancer Canada has supported the deployment of the Programme Accès-recherche Dr André-Robidoux, which brings clinical research closer to patients in Quebec regions, thanks to a donation of $2.5 million over 5 years.

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is a key partner in achieving our mission.

CCS collaborates with our Group to accelerate the development of the Quebec Metastatic Breast Cancer Registry which will become a valuable resource for patients and researchers for years to come when it has grown to include thousands of patients.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation provides funding for innovative and unique projects in breast cancer in Quebec.

The Programme Accès-recherche Dr. André-Robidoux was launched in 2016 by the Group and financed from 2017 to 2022 thanks to a $1.4 million donation from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

A partner since the very beginning of the Group’s operations, the NSABP Foundation, an American non-profit organization, designs and conducts clinical trials, including in breast cancer to improve treatment and change the standard of care.

The Group has a collaboration agreement with the NSABP Foundation and thus carries out their studies in Quebec.

We share with the Q-CROC network the desire to stimulate the recruitment of participants in clinical trials. Q-CROC provides several tools, including the OncoQuébec Trials registry, which lists all the active clinical trials in oncology within the network.

Our Group is proud to collaborate with the Coalition Priorité cancer, whose mission is to be a strong voice for people affected by cancer in order to improve the cancer health system in Quebec.

Our two organizations share a priority in improving access to advanced diagnostics and treatment.

A strategic partner of the Group, medcomXchange is an international digital health company dedicated to precision medicine in oncology, in particular through the development of cutting-edge platforms powered by AI.

Together, we aim to accelerate digital health research for the benefit of the medical community and breast cancer patients as well as to facilitate knowledge transfer in this domain.