Dr. Elise Martel is a General Surgeon at the CHRDL of the CISSS de Lanaudière. After graduating from Université Laval in medicine, she completed a residency in Surgery at Université de Montréal. She obtained a certificate in clinical research from Harvard University in 2014. She subsequently developed expertise in teaching critical analysis of medical literature.

Since 2012, she has held the position of Director of Medical Education at CHRDL, an institution affiliated with Université Laval.

Dr. Martel has a particular interest in the treatment of breast cancer which occupies 75% of her clinical practice. In 2010-2011, she followed additional training with Dr. André Robidoux for the administration of chemotherapy. She has participated in a few local research projects on the subject but wants her institution to have access to multicentre studies and develop expertise in breast cancer research.