How the Group operates

How our Group operates

Working together

By joining forces, hospitals that are members of the McPeak-Sirois Group ensure that more people affected by breast cancer can access the best treatments available and that valuable practices based on the latest knowledge are shared within the medical community though Research that cares.

This research consortium offers a great potential for patient recruitment across the province. This is very enticing for clinical research sponsors and results in having more trials available to breast cancer patients. Both patients and sponsors benefit from the McPeak-Sirois Group, which is a catalyst for clinical research in breast cancer in Québec.

The Executive Scientific Committee (ESC) is responsible for defining the Group’s scientific program which covers all the research phases and areas in breast cancer as well as observational studies, namely: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, precision therapy, supportive therapy and prevention. The Scientific Committee ensures that the scientific program is in line with the Group’s mission for the benefit of patients.

A Scientific Committee (SC) has been established; it is made up of the representative of each of the affiliated members, the chairman of the ESC and the management of the Group as a guest. The committee’s mandate is for members to exchange and discuss strategic issues in clinical research in breast cancer – in particular local issues, the scientific program and any topics related to the Group, including any recommendations to the ESC.


The harmonization of these practices is a key element for the members of the McPeak-Sirois Group whose aim is to improve the efficiency of their operations, whether by reducing the time required to implement a trial (resulting in an increased number of people who can participate in a clinical trial), enhancing communications and ensuring quality control.

The patient at the heart of our concerns

All actions taken by the Group are focused on the best interest of the Breast Cancer patient. Whether it be in the selection of Member institutions, research protocol selection or the sharing of best practices, based on the most recent knowledge, within the medical community.