The Group in numbers

Ever since the launch of its operations in 2016, the McPeak-Sirois Group has been working in Quebec to increase both the number of available breast cancer clinical trials, the number of hospitals that offer these trials and the number of patients who participate in them. Efficiency in starting trials, improving patient experience and increasing knowledge transfer within the Group are other desired benefits.

The McPeak-Sirois Group is :

113 Physicians

28 Nurses

3 Registrars

The Group is one of the largest breast cancer clinical research consortiums in Canada and has positioned itself to become THE gateway to all breast cancer clinical trials in Quebec.

In addition, the Group has established the first Metastatic Breast Cancer Registry in Quebec.

12 Hospital centers

4,000 new cases/year

65% of new cases

The objective is to extend the Group’s action to the entire province of Quebec by creating partnerships with the CISSS and CIUSSS in each region.


With 12 sites, we cover 65% of new cases in Quebec


clinical trials

19 Pharmaceutical companies and collaborative groups

The Group gives them access to a vast network of hospitals and investigating physicians in Quebec, as well as to a larger pool of patients potentially eligible for their trials.

870 patients +

These patients have increased access to innovative therapies not yet marketed, resulting in improved standards of care, quality of life and survival rate.

120 day-startup

It is our startup target so that more clinical trials are available for researchers and hospitals. Operational harmonization within the consortium aims at reducing time at each stage of the study implementation.

Close to 700 cases reported

The data included in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Registry will be able to support research projects for this disease and thus optimize clinical practice.