Programme Accès-recherche

Programme Accès-recherche

Launched in partnership with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, the Programme Accès-recherche aims to increase

  • the number of hospital centres in Quebec participating in clinical trials and
  • the number of breast cancer clinical trials at centers already performing these trials for the benefit of all patients, especially those living outside of major urban areas.

This Program is made possible thanks to a 2.5M$ donation from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. The program will enable more patients to access advance treatments and therefore, increase not only their chances of survival but also their quality of life during and after treatments. The goal is to bring clinical research closer to the patients while allowing them to stay in their region, close to their loved ones.

The Programme Accès-recherche will first be implemented in regional hospitals already active in breast cancer clinical research and will later be extended to other hospitals to enable them to start offering clinical trials. Hospitals will be offered support to be able to conduct these studies locally, for example through Good Clinical Practice trainings or, when needed, medical mentorship focused on the research protocols conducted within the consortium.

The hospitals participating in the Programme Accès-recherche will benefit from the Group’s expertise and appeal to pharmaceutical companies and sponsors that are funding those clinical trials. The addition of these hospitals will contribute to the creation of a multi-institutional network and will result in the attraction of more clinical trials by the Group. Our objective is that this initiative will allow the integration of clinical research in the regional hospitals’ health-care programs in order to offer more breast cancer patients the opportunity to take part in a clinical trial throughout Quebec.

“The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to support the Programme Accès-recherche, a great example of a unique collaboration in Quebec. It is an innovative way to increase access to clinical research all the while supporting the development and excellence in the clinical practice of breast cancer.”
Nathalie Tremblay, CEO of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Objective 2023: The objective of the Group is to extend its action throughout Quebec by developing a partnership with at least one hospital per region by 2023.

“Mr. Sirois and Ms. McPeak have achieved a major accomplishment by bringing together the four major hospitals active in breast cancer. With the Programme Accès-recherche, other regional centers will join and will be able to integrate high-level clinical research programs into their treatments.”
Dr. André Robidoux, Original Chair of the Executive Scientific Committee, Surgical Oncologist, CHUM