Project Manager Operations

Nathalie Bolduc joined the McPeak-Sirois Group in August 2022 as Project Manager – Operations. A graduate of McGill University with a master’s degree in genetic counseling, Nathalie has more than 25 years of experience in the public and private health sectors where she has acquired a unique combination of clinical expertise.   She managed an outreach clinical research program for families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancers at the Centre hospitalier de l’université Laval Research Centre and later joined the McGill University Health Centre where she worked in various specialties, including prenatal diagnosis, assisted reproductive technology as well as pediatric and adult general genetics.

Nathalie revamped and led a provincial predictive testing program for Huntington’s disease for 7 years and collaborated with a First Nations community to develop educational videos for this condition. In 2015, she went to the private sector where she gained experience in business development and in the implementation of innovative clinical genetics services. She also worked with non-profit organizations, including the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, to create educational resources for hereditary diseases.

Nathalie was President of the Quebec Association of Genetic Counsellors and President of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors. An excellent communicator, she has given lectures and conferences for different audiences as well as interviews through various media.